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PiktoTape is the first ever tape designed specifically for drawing. It was designed with the help of professional tape artists to be the best tape for creating large-scale, collaborative murals on walls indoors and out.

Read the qualities below that make PiktoTape the next great art medium.

PiktoTape Rolls


Thick, rich color.

PiktoTape's thick paper backing gives it a rich, opaque color so you do not see the wall through it. The blue and green create high contrast lines on many building materials/surface colors.


Curves, beautiful curves.

PiktoTape's elasticity allows for the creation of smooth curves. Most tapes are designed to ONLY create straight lines.


Low-adhesive, easy removal.

PiktoTape's low-adhesive properties make it gentle on your walls and allows murals to be removed without damaging surfaces.


Rip, rip, rip.

PiktoTape's paper backing can be ripped by hand, meaning that no blades or scissors are required.



Spongy adhesive, sticks to everything.

The thickness of PiktoTape's adhesive layer helps it stick to a wide range of surfaces, including dusty, exterior walls, brick, cement, painted interior walls, glass, and tile.


Smaller cores.

Custom 2-inch cores allow participants of all ages to easily hold and manipulate PiktoTape rolls as they work. You can even put them in your pockets for on-the-go art-making.



Cheap tapes often emit strong, chemical odors that are unpleasant and distrcting. PiktoTape is designed to be odor-neutral.


3 widths for drawing and sculpting.

PiktoTape comes in 3 widths (1/2-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch) to help you achieve any artistic vision!

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