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Collaborative Tape Art: The PiktoTape Method


Written by the renowned street artists of the Tape Art Crew, this book will guide you and your students through the fun and engaging process of drawing together with tape. Rooted in the power of collaboration, their PiktoTape Method provides students the opportunity to work together in uniquely inclusive ways, creating artwork at a scale that explores image-making at its most epic.

PiktoTape experiences build confidence and motivate students to develop innovative solutions to design challenges collaboratively.


Collaborative Tape Art: The PiktoTape Method answers all your questions about running collaborative workshops!

Why tape?
Where can we draw?
How do we decide what to draw?
How do I draw people?
How do I make PiktoTape go 3D?
How long should we keep it up?
And many, many more...

This book is full of photo examples from PiktoTape workshops run with students K-12 and adults.

Below are sample pages from Collaborative Tape Art: The PiktoTape Method. 


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