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PiktoTape Workshop


PiktoTape gives communities the opportunity to draw on any wall! Its low-adhesive qualities make every space a canvas that can be used to make mural after mural after mural. The power of making with PiktoTape is matched only by the power of removing the work together.


Make big art! For many participants PiktoTape will allow them to experiment making large-scale murals and installations for the first time. Harness the energy of large groups to completely transform spaces both indoors and out.


PiktoTape makes it possible for students and communities to make together like never before! The wide range of solutions for making art with tape from drawing to pattern-making to texture to sculpture means that any maker feels at home in a collaborative PiktoTape project.

Professional tape artists from the Tape Art Crew run collaborative PiktoTape workshops in schools, community centers, and hospitals. The video below hightlights a week-long residency at a local high school. Students worked in groups to create massive murals throughout the school. What could your community do with PiktoTape?
Want the Tape Art Crew to come to your school? CLICK HERE for more information.

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